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If you need a new website layout(often created through tableless css design), to have a professional looking logo created or to have an existing page optimized for best search rankings for a given keyword then you have come to the right place. Contact us to discuss your needs and it will be win win for everyone. Here can view my CSS Site Portfolio and learn how I use Tableless CSS Design when designing websites.
EasyTweets - A Marketers Dream Multi Twitter Account Management Tool
It all started a few weeks ago when I sent a message out to my followers from my @coryschop Twitter account asking them if they knew of any good apps for Multi Twitter Account Management. I had started on this Twitter train and I wasn't looking back. There wasn't much of a response except for one from a friend of mine Alexander Barbara from ReidBrown Enterprises. He was developing an app that he was using personally that did just what I was looking for.

So he invited me to test it out and give him some feedback on it. I seen the potential but it needed a designers touch and some usability fine tuning. Luckily for him I am a passionate designer so I got to work on simplifying the app and suggested moving elements around to enhance the user experience. We even stripped out some of the original functionality that was confusing to me. EasyTweets was really starting to take shape.

Once we had a design that we liked we rolled out a Logo for the app and I cutup the code for integration into the functional product.

On July 15th it was ready for release. Before we had time to finish tweaking it for Internet Explorer UI blunders, Mashable.com had already picked up on it coining the app "An Almost Perfect Web-Based Twitter Management Tool". After this things picked up fast as it spread across the Twitterverse. By that night there were about 300 users and after the 24 hour period about 400 users.

With some minor setbacks in performance things got ironed out and EasyTweets was well on it's way. The compliments started rolling in and they haven't stopped since.

Highlights I like About EasyTweets:
  • Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts through the dashboard without having to login to each one.
  • The ability to see the 25 most recent people to Follow me (this eliminates the emails)
  • The ability to schedule (way in advance) upcoming tweets.
  • The use of automatic URL shortening to allow for more space in my tweets!
  • The ability to see Replies even when Twitter decides to turn this functionality off out on their end.
  • Easily see what I have posted and what I have in queue to be posted.
  • The simplicity of it. I am not one to brag but we did a good job!

To try it out yourself and learn more you can head on over to EasyTweets.com. Also you can follow EasyTweets on Twitter @easytweets

How To Grow Your Business and Monetize Your Facebook Activity
Over the last year I've been heavily involved in the Facebook space with my popular application and selling my design related services through Facebook ads. I can comfortably say that Facebook has generated over $20,000 for me in about 9 months. I knew I could make more though and soon I will. You can too, here's how.

I came in contact with Mari Smith "THE" expert in coaching and working with professionals to grow their business and revenues through the Facebook Platform. Mari's background is a Relationship Marketing Specialist, Business Coach and a Facebook guru. She really understands the social and viral methods that you can use on Facebook to grow your business. One of her most recent clients leveraged Facebook to bring in over $15,000 in 1 week!

We should all be fortunate because Mari has put together an amazing online course that will get you well on your way to growing your business on Facebook, watching revenues soar and the best part, all for zero cost or next to free. The course includes training videos, interviews with key successful players, PDFs, collaborative knowledge and more!

Facebook for Professionals.
Click Here to learn more and start earning more money.

PLUS - for serious professionals only!

Facebook Masterclass.
Click Here to learn more and reap the vast rewards of the Facebook platform for businesses.

Just recently I enrolled in Mari's online Facebook Masterclass and I feel proud to be 1 of the 15 elite taking this course. The price for enrollment will be going up very shortly, so if you're interested in exploding your business this year through the power of Facebook, I encourage you to register right away. And, because I believe so much in what Mari is doing and how much you're going to profit from her knowledge and expertise, I'm offering you $200.00 cash back upon enrolling as my gift to you. Once confirmed with Mari that you've enrolled I'll send you your $$$!

There are just 12 spots left in Facebook Masterclass as of today, and Mari tells me she has 8 more students enrolling in the next few days. That leaves just 4 spots - I hope you get one of them! If you do enroll you'll get to work with Mari, myself and 14 others taking the online collaborative course. There will be a ton of knowledge gained and shared. Oh and did I forget to mention the course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can't beat that!

Facebook Master Class

A Creative High Traffic Website
I am about to show you a successful project that has been taking up the majority of my time lately and I am pretty proud of it. In under 3 months I established a leading website in it's market and in fact lead the trend as there are a few other competing sites popping up now. In the time it has been online since June 2007 it has established a user base that is about 145,000 users at the time I am writing this. It continues to grow strong at a rate of 1000 new users a day. What is it you ask?

If you are familiar with Facebook then you know all about Facebook applications. I built a Facebook application called Expressions that allows a user to add a Facebook Layout of sorts to their profile page. Essentially it is a way of making your profile look a lot less dull and by looking at the user base you can tell that's what people want. It is turning into quite the little side business.

Facebook Layouts and Backgrounds

Some Features and Highlights:
  • Select from hundreds of already made custom Expressions or
  • Design and submit your own. We get tons of creative user submitted Expressions.
  • Over 145,000+ users, growing by over 1000 a day!
  • Last month over 1.5 million page views and 120,000+ unique visitors.
  • Enhancements coming soon. We are stepping it up a notch.
If you are interested in potential advertising on this popular and growing community you can go here to see what we have available. The audience is primarily made up of people from USA, Canada, Great Britain as well as Australia. The majority of the users are females but there are a lot of males as well. Users spend an average of over 4 and a half minutes on the site per visit.